WE all are now connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain

The internet is the decisive technology of the Information Age and with the explosion of wireless communication in the early 21st century, we can say that humankind is now  almost entirely connected,albeit with great levels of inequality  in bandwidth,efficiency and  pride.our current "network  society" is a product of  digital revolution and some major sociocultural change. The reach of the internet is  indeed worldwide. It reaches all over countries and places. Kids are also nowadays getting addicted to  this internet. Internet causes children / teenagers not doing well in school. Over last decades almost 20% more kids get increased in socila media . 
This internet addiction gave rise to aggression, disordered eating, behaviour and  academic performance. Internet access affects children in health, affects children psychologically, as soon as they start accessing violent  and dangerous video games and software.
The use of internet especially at age 13  have increased too much. More than thirty million children visit  online sites . The use of internet became a very essential part of  homes, schools ,libraries etc.

Merits -
 If seen in positive way, children can make effective use of internet in positive way. Through wikipedia children may come to know much more about topics with taught in school. Reading many types of documents and   researches , children can improve skills. Their creativety also found in way they play games  via online. The internet have created a platform for studying, introducing e-mails,  social media thus created a ground for  communication. It increases communication skill and thus increasing efficiency in  making friendship.

 The internet had also effected children communication. As people are using  internet   it abodons children  face to face interactions. It has led to damage relationship with families ,friends, and other relatives. While using internet for long hours, it effect their health too and eye vision which may become poor. It may give rise to headache. This internet make children unsocial and  give habit to live alone.
The constant  use of hated  messages on the internet, the presence of pornographic  videos and images misleads children and make them addicted and negative vibes created.

Internet usage enslaves the current generation of children who are underage. It  increases knowledge, creativety. similarly it  makes children addicted to  this things affecting their studies.

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