How To Be Happy

Happiness is word full of joy and broad smiles. It is a never-ending trail of hunt for which everyone keep on searching throughout. But what happiness truly is? Is it having luxurious cars around you? Or is it having a feet long pool? Is it having your favourite ice cream on a bad day? Or is it playing football in the rain? 
All of it must have been recognised by you as happiness but in reality, these are just a way to your happiness. Pathways that lead you to happiness.
Happiness is a state of mind. A pause in the hustling time when you feel, feel alive. The sense of accomplishment of anything that calm your soul and maintain your peace is happiness. When our mind is relaxed and at peace, everything seems happier but if we are troubled, even the finest have flaws. 

Most of the people miss to understand the real meaning of happiness. Ofcourse, the way they see it, the things that make them happy are indeed what happiness is but all these are the pathways that leads them to the real meaning of happiness. The truth of happiness is the cause of them being happy in the definition of their happiness.
Happiness really doesn't come free of cost. You have to live it and feel it. People need to understand that

Happiness is a choice. Once, if you choose to be happy, there is nobody who can stop you from being that.

Being happy has a direct connection with your mind. If you seek happiness with your senses, for sure you will find it. Some of the ways to be happy are :


Mark a note about it for life that 
Acceptance is the key to a smooth, happy and peaceful life.
When we accept things as the way they are, we feel satisfied and when a person is satisfied, they feel happy and grateful for the way everything is/was. Accepting things and being satisfied lead us to being positive about life, and thus thankful for same. Eventually, this sense of acceptance will make you feel stronger and thus happier. You will let go things and accept some and will improve or develop skills and abilities, stepping forward to growth.


"Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously"     The holy Bible marks the purpose and forecoming of being generous in life. Being kind and humble to people make a person feel better and accomplished about themselves. To be able to serve the needy and helping somebody in their hard time is indeed one of the things that make people happy. When we give, we feel good and it comes back to us in unexpected ways. Always be humble to people, seeing the others smiling at you will make you feel better and happy. 

Create your own Happiness.

The best way to be happy is by creating your happiness on your own. Choosing to be happy. Choosing to have a smile on you always, not just for showing but because you genuinely are smiling from inside. Do whatever makes you smile. Go out, feel things, be thankful. Having a sense of thankfulness and gratitude is a way to ace happiness and peace. The more gratitude you have, the happier you are. Be positive about everything and be realistic. Do whatever you feel like but ofcourse not without thinking. Smile more, but not the fake one. Spend time in the real world not the social one. Say goodbyes to the toxicity and negativity from your lives. And when you are awa from all of this dust, do whatever you feel like and want to. Feel free to feel anything. Feel free to hear the birds chirping, to dance yourself off and love yourself. When you love everything about you and everything around you, you feel better. 

And you will be the happiest the moment you chose to live not to just exist. When you accept and move forward to brighter days with confidence and optimism in your veins, happiness itself will come and knock your door. Just remember, it will always be you who can either multiply or divide the happiness coming your way. Smile! I am already thankful for those which read it till yet, Thankyou and please smile? You're so freaking precious when you smile! 

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