Haryana - Sports state

Among all the states in India, Haryana is one of the leading state involved in games and sports. Haryana share population of only 2% in  India. But  one third  of all medals are owned by Haryana's Athletes  in India including 9 out of  26  golds in CWG. Haryana has  always  been  a big  contributor  in terms  of India 's  medal  haul at major  competitions .

Haryana's CWG 2018 Medallists 

1. Wrestling 
Gold -Bajrang Punia, sumit  malik, vinesh phogat 
Silver-Mausam Khatri ,pooja Dhanda , Babita kumari
Bronge - Somveer kadian , Sakshi Malik, kiran Bishnoi
GOLD - vikas krishan ,  Gourav Solanki 
SILVER-  Amit pangal, Manish Kaushik
Bronge-  Naman Tanwar , Manoj kumar 

3. Shooting 
  Gold - Anish Bhanwala , Manu  bhaker , sanjeev Rajput.

4. Athletics 

 Gold - Neeraj Chopra 
Silver -  seema Punia.

5. Weightlifting 
 Bronge - Deepak  lathar

6. Powerlifting 

Bronge - sachin Chaudhary.

 Traditionally Haryana has become a nursery of wrestlers and  boxers . Highest prize money for  winners  act as great  incentive for athletes .  Government's    cash prizes for International  medals  are easily the highest in  country. If Haryana was a seperate country it would be  eighth on  2018 CWG  medal totally  behind sporting powerhouses  like Australia , England ,Wales ,  canada , New zealand  etc.

  Its a leading state in sports among  Other states. During the 33rd  national game held in  Assam in 2007 , Haryana stood 4th in the  nation with  medal tally  of 80  including  30 Gold , 22 silver and  28 bronze medals.
 Haryana is national championship in women 's hockey and  men's Volley ball . The state has supported and promoted  its athletes.
 Hosting khelo  India Youth Games  in Haryana  will also add greater  impetus to our  commitment towards  creating a strong sporting  ecosystem. Many athletes  are trained under khelo  india schemes. It is a multi  sport event and   it is also providing large lodging for large  number of  participants  who will attend . 

Haryana has produced many elite  Athletes for international  platforms. Training is also going under Khelo  India Scheme . 159 medals owned in 2019 and 200 medals in 2020 . 

 Chief Minister  manohar lal khattar  and Union  minister of Youth  affairs and Sports  , Kiren Rijju  announced on 25 july that Haryana to host 4th 
 Edition of this . After Tokyo olympics , this sports to take Place. It will be held in Panchkula . It has been  envisioned by PM Modi  , its helping in identifying grassroots level talent  across country who will represent internationally.

Haryanivs are like having strong sporting culture in their blood .  Khelo usually take place in January every time of year  . But this time due to pandemic situation it gave rise to  be held  in delay with 10,000 participants . All the  participants are given scholarships of 500000 for time period of  8 years  to prepare for international sports Event. They are of 2 categories   -   21  old of college students and 17  old of school students. Thus is creating strong sports Ecosystem. Not only men but also women are giving best in this sports.

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