Discovering Strength

‘It’s not who you think you are, it is who you think you are not that holds your back.’

Sometimes the greatest strength lies beneath the tree we look upon for the shade. A beam of light hits the dark when it is at its peak in order to shine the brightest. Amidst this chaotic life, we often lose the balance of our lives. Most of the time, it is a loss. Some loses something, other lose themselves. No matter how many of us shall accept it but the fact is everyone has gone through something bad in their life, a little worse or the worst of worst but every experience has some lessons and learnings in it.

The hardships and hapiness in one’s life forms a curvy road but with full of joy, sorrow, pain, healings and love.

When we are struck in the middle of the road, so full yet so lone, we long for a wanderer to give a ride to this lone traveller. But little do we ever think who can this wanderer be?

We often get puzzled searching for the solution that we forgot to search for the places never touched. When we search for help from other , we forget that there exist the greatest helper for you, the one who has never left your side, the one who has always been there for you. The one who is non judgemental, truest of all and the honest of all and that person is YOU.

You hold the greatest strength of yourself. You are the person who has the power to pop yourself out from this aching and hurting mud.

When life throws you in an ocean of changes and hardships, make sure you come out surfing through it.

There is something that winds of change teaches you, something different yet comforting, something which gifts you a moment to adore yourself. Something which gives you the strength and time to analyse and introspect yourself. The changes in the circumstances not always be regarding heartbreaks but sometimes it is about feeling yourself and seeing yourself grow with those changes. Whether it be travelling alone, being distant, thinking, observing or even starring. Each one of it gives you a chance to witness evey side of yourself. Giving time to yourself, to feel alive and to actually let the butterflies of you to fly in the endless, enormous sky is what you need sometimes.

The comfort created by you to solicit your own soul inside out is the most needed essential of life. Whenever you spend time with yourself, you see the mind knocking the door or the heart and talking their way out. It feels alive when you give time to yourself and see what you are willing to seek in others in your OWNSELF. You create, live, feel and cherish every second you have been gifted to live. When you unlock the doors to yourself, you unlock the door to happiness and solicity. When a person stops looking for love in other’s eyes, he searches for it in his own. That’s exactly when you uncover life and discover the greatest strength and that is solely you.

It is me who runs the mind. If I let him think dark, I am the one who own the power to convert in all into light.

When you ponder the vibes of yourself, you will know exactly how to deal with the obstructions and hurdles that awaits you. To look upon yourself as the shoulder you need, to have your own back when you fall , to gift yourself smile when your heart feels low are the ways of strength coming to you. Once, when you accompany your heart with the support of your mind, you feel stronger and better ultimately conquering the world and acing the way of life.

It is the victory you win, it is the milestone you achieve. Sometimes it is necessary to fall down so you know that you have yourself to pull you up. You are your strength because you are the one who has been through it all, all alone. If you have made it till yet, just don’t stop to get yourself back to the way you were, happy and carefree.

For the part which is broken of you, ought to be fixed by you because nothing can destroy the strength that is born from inside.

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