Civic Sense

Life is a journey from beginner to a pro. It drives us from a million ways through which we live, learn, seek, embrace and grow. The growth of a human being into a person is what involves the entire journey of a lifetime. For every second a person lives, he grows in a million uncounted, un-felt ways. The greatest mechanism for the transformation of a human being to a person is education. Education is the power that can change the world.
Education is an integral part of human development and there exist an essential need for the same. But as always said, Growth is always multidimensional. Education teachers of person theoretically. There is a need of social recognisation and realisation in people which we call the Civic sense. The sense of responsibility and concern towards being a good human is what constitutes to an important branch of growth. Teaching makes people intelligent but civic sense makes people gentleman. Also, What point is it to have an education system which lacks the basic education?

people lack in having civic sense as they were never taught about the importance regarding the same. In rushing after our ambitions, we often forget that we need to be responsible and sensible about our living too. There are many strategies and steps which could be followed in order to improve the current situation of our generation as lack of civic sense does not only pulls human away from being a complete person but also exploits the environment. Instances like dumping garbage in the middle of high speeding road, leaving over the packages marks how can professional and uncivilized this generation is.
There should be a systemised remedy provided for the same. As qualities like these are developed in the early stages, the schools should have a subject about Moral Education or  Values to Uphold to highlight the importance of being a good human being and how to pursue it.
Only if we start it from the initials, we will make it to the finals too. It is high time for the generation to step out and see the ways to turn their imperfection into areas of improvement. Besides, awareness programs should be held, laws should be made for betterment of the same. When the people will come together, the environment, ethics and morals will never have to be compromised.

Education drives human to a person but civic sense a person to the person.

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