Bullet Train is required in India or not

What is Bullet Train?

The shinkansen high speed trains are colloquially called as  bullet train  for their apperance and speed. It is generally used  to describe a high-speed train of speeds above 250kmph.  Its key characteristics is its key exclusive grade seperated tracks which  enables high capacity utilization to be achieved  while maintaining  high service reliability and high safety performance.

India project

The first india bullet train will run in the Mumbai and Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor,whose construction began in 2017. The train will run at speed of 320 kmph and is expected to be completed by 2022.It is 750-seat train.The entire corridor estimated cost is Rs1,08,000 crore .Japan has offered a loan to India. There will be 12 stations on route ,majority of route will be elevated. A part of it will run through a 7 km long undersea tunnel. It will usher a new era of development.

Why Need of this service?                                    Bullet train project is expected to create 4000 direct job opportunities,along with 20000 indirect job and 20000  construction workers will also be employed.                                                                         set up of stations will come up as will attract urban growth..In the backdrop of increasing concerns over environmental pollution and degradation of fossil   fuels ,energy efficient  and environment friendly. IT emit Eighth and fifth of carbon dioxide as against automobiles and aeroplanes per passenger km.India is vast country,it requires to travel faster.while air transport can cater to such needs but simply cannot match that of railways. It is important to adopt proven  state of the art technologies.It will save time and boast business.

Seems redundant ?

The Mumbai -Ahmedabad train costs around one lakh crore Indian rupees. It may further get increased due to delays and further inflation.

The fare may range from 4000  to 5000 rs to make the running of trains economically variable. Such may be afforded by rich who would rather prefer air tickets. Travel by train in India is mostly done by poor class.

The complexities of the project will give rise to land acquisition ,rehabilitation and environmental concerns. It will give rise to poverty.


 The indian  Railways is in worrying state. There is first need to strengthening the present infrastructure of the railways.
The recent increase in rail accident strengthen this case.
The committee also recommended  a complete shift to LHB coaches to minimize the loss of lives due to derailment.

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