Overcoming the Challenges of Re-Enrollment

Finishing your college degree after being away from school for months or years is difficult, especially when school is not your primary focus.
In fact, most adult learners returning to school say that employment is their top priority, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Family responsibilities are often a major factor as well.
That’s why students need an easier way to attain a degree and accelerate their career advancement while still concentrating on their full-time position and family. While there are several challenges to re-enrollment, the good news is that there are ways students can overcome those obstacles and earn the degree for which they’ve worked so hard.


It can be difficult to find an institution that is flexible about re-enrollment. Many schools will require students to re-take courses they’ve already completed in order to earn their degree. When searching for a transfer school, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the re-enrollment process. For instance, does the school:
  • Provide classes that are outside of traditional work hours?
  • Offer courses that don’t require you to commute to campus?
  • Give credit for professional experience?
These are questions you can ask that will help you select a school that caters to your needs and recognizes your accomplishments. After all, you shouldn’t have to put your life on hold in order to earn your degree.


Even if the upfront cost of re-enrollment doesn’t appear daunting, the real financial impact comes from the number of credits lost in the transfer process. For instance, if a school requires students to take various courses they’ve already completed, students will be shelling out money for something they’ve already learned. With the right institution, however, re-enrollment can be affordable. When looking at different schools, inquire about transfer credits and research your financial options, including everything from grants and loans to scholarships and student employment.


Re-enrolling in school can take some adjustment, especially if you’ve been out of the game for some time. This is why it’s also important to consider a school that will assist you as much as possible with that transition. Does it have student services that will help you achieve your academic goals despite your other priorities? After all, re-enrollment shouldn’t be daunting. Select a school that will make the transition process as smooth as possible.
Herzing University offers re-enrollment options that allow you to take advantage of career programs and flexible learning options that don’t uproot your life. The university also provides ways to achieve your academic goals without having to re-take unnecessary course work you’ve already completed. Herzing provides nontraditional pathways that give you the opportunity to earn your degree without career sacrifices.

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