Mp banned online classes for pre primary and primary section

In madhya pradesh, the School education department has banned online classes of pre primary and primary classes. This bam is both for government and private schools 

The main reason for it is that many students across the state do not have digital device or data recharge facility,beca bec of this students are not able to attend online classs and losing their studies 
Anther reason for banning is by taking classes online at school hours, studying online through electric gadgets,it affect both the physical and mental health of the child.
Many parents do not want to pay extra for poor limitstioli of physical classes. It is also not possible to always supervise students in online classes 
For teachers it is tough in o line classes to gauge the learning of distant and distracted children.
According to sources the use of apps made in china in the operation of online classes is an other reason for it.

Due to covie19 pandemic  all schools are closed to keep the study go school are conducting online classes for all students now banning classes will have a different impact on the studies. For now surely we know it is impossible to reopen schools and we don't know when the covid 19 go or its  vaccine will come 

We now have to think ahead and plan batter for an uncertain future. 
We need to build a flexible and effective education sturcutes. This ban will not prevent the elite form giving their children the best online education the world can offer. 

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