Leading from the front-3

Thank you so much for reading so far! I hope you enjoy this segment of self-improvement and leadership.

There are a lot of things you can do if you really decide to change yourself. But the most important out of all is to take the initiative.

1. Listen to others

There is nothing more frustrating to anyone than someone who doesn't listen, moreover, someone who does not pay attention and interrupt while speaking. When you are in the path of being a good leader, you have to be as open as possible. Being a leader means, you have to be dependable. Being a leader is very overwhelming, but I assure you that being able to communicate can really make your work go smoothly and openly. Successful leadership is for your members to trust you. And as humans are social beings, strong communication can really help. 

Any job, whatever it may be, may come with a lot of stress and sacrifices. As an employee what he/she would appreciate is someone who they can depend on and also know that the person leading or representing is steady and would understand them.


When you want respect from your employees you would have to respect them. Like the saying give respect take respect.respect is something conveys a sense of admiration for good or valuable qualities. And it is also the process of honouring someone by exhibiting care, concern, or consideration for their needs or feelings, that’s what Wikipedia says. It can be anything to you but most importantly is to see the person as one of you.you and your employees or even any stranger on the street are human and deserve respect. Everyone deserves respect.no matter if you are a joke or not you deserve respect and should respect others.you should never make someone feel that they are less than you so they do not deserve respect when you are a leader. You should really be able to be with your colleagues and friends not follow them or make them follow. like the first point,’Listen’


Being a leader, makes you take some decisions you don't want to take or sometimes are forced to take. It might be a gamble occasionally, and you would really feel you have let everyone around you down. Sometimes you would feel like you really don't know what to do when everyone is looking at you. You feel like you are so alone in this world and you feel like everything is going against you. No matter how alone you feel, or how you feel the world has turned against you, you have to be able to remind yourself that you will always have yourself to depend on. No matter what happens, no matter how scared you feel, even if you are shivering down to your bones, you have to be able to act brave and confident. But trust me, depending on yourself and being able to believe in yourself will take you a long way. Way ahead than you would have, if you were crawled up because you were scared.

I know these are the most obvious points to improve yourself. but these are the most challenging points to get over. I myself have a long way to go. I really hope you would keep in mind all these things. Let both You and me make a journey to self-improvement."Let us be the best us, because no one but us would and will help us.".   


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