Leading from the front-2

The idea of being able to succeed in your field is always one’s dream. There is nothing wrong in dreaming one’s own dreams. But you must be willing to put in effort in things you are not aware of. There are a lot of qualities needed when you are striving for success. That requires more than just hard work and studying. Sure they do have a vital role when you are trying to be a good employee and chasing your dreams but when you are actually trying to last in the field for a long time you should be able to adapt and learn things earlier and faster than your colleagues because time is an important factor. And time is a harder criterion to overcome. But you have to remember that no matter if you are in your 20’s,30’s,40’s or 50’s you never are too late. Simply remember, when you decide to change your life around, always start today itself. Tomorrow is too late for anything in your life. If you decide to be a better person or a better leader, take the initiative and decide today itself. And you will neither doubt your decision nor regret it. If you ever see a good result in your actions, do not regret that you didn’t start earlier, just be grateful that you did start before that tomorrow you procrastinate about.

There are some traits you could use both as a person, employer or as a leader. And that includes many of the basic things you already know about or even have. Nonetheless, evaluate yourself when you read on…

As a person who is looking to improve yourself, the first thing you have to remember is that you should have the ability to question yourself. Be honest as possible is the way to go. When improving yourself you should self evaluate what your shortcomings are. Where do you lack? If you really don't know how to do that, taking an example would really help. We all have role models. Pick a person you look up to and ask yourself, why this particular person is my role model? What are the things that make them a good person and really liked by people? What are the things that make them unique from the other 7 billion in this world? Once you get the answer to these questions, ask yourself whether you have these values that you aspire to have? If so, how can you improve that skill? If not, how can you better them. When you are trying to change, do not forget you don’t really have to be like your aspiration.No human is perfect. Everyone is flawed and so are you. So be the best you, you can be.No one is ideal. The main person you have to impress is not your loved ones, friends or family, it is yourself. No matter what you do, you should be able to be happy with who you are. Being successful and unhappy with who you are would only put your hard work to waste. So be someone you are proud to be. 

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