Leading from the front-1

Being a true leader isn't the easiest thing in the world, nor should it be the hardest. People can be born as a leader or made one. Irrespective of how you became a leader, the work you put in is important. 

Do you often feel that you are not the leader you aspire to be? If so, that can always be changed.

You are a leader. First of all, what does being a leader mean to you? As there are millions of leaders out there, having their own meaning for leadership, you have to come in terms with your own meaning. You really don't have to have the same meaning as someone you dream to be. For example, most people would take in what someone who is successful believes in, like Bill Gates. Swallowing his or anyone else's point of view will surely lead you to a good path but not the best. You have to remember what you believe in has a great impact on your life. Standing on your beliefs no matter how absurd others think it might be, is one of the most powerful things. (unless it is absolutely blundered you are good to go.) Do not forget that, before even Bill Gates became who he is today, he had to believe in things that people back then thought were reckless but later turned out to be inspiring. As a person or greater, as a leader, you always should have yourself to back you up. Our designer while creating us made sure no two humans are the same. So put that to use, Be unique.

    Having the power to stand on your beliefs and decisions is one of the most important things that you have to build when you are a leader because being a leader means you have a lot of people following you. You should be able to believe in yourself so that others can believe in you. Running a jurisdiction of your speciality or not, you should always be able to stand on your perspectives and respect others views too. As humans, we are prone to making mistakes, and it is obvious that what we believe in might not always be completely right, so we should keep in mind that we are obliged to be open to others' comments and be able to separate the right from the pessimistic-wrong ones. Our motos could be updated, but it should never be changed due to ill-selfish needs. Leadership is something to be honoured. Being selfish and looking for only your benefit will only bite you back. Trust me when I say, being honest will only bring you good. No matter how good the other side looks, always know that you would never be true to yourself if you are dishonest.

The significance of myself stressing on the fact of being able to stand in your belief is that it is the backbone of being a true leader. Being apt to stand on your own, under any circumstance.

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