Impact of yoga on students life

Today on 21 June we celebrating the 6th annual international YOGA DAY, following it's inception in the united nations general assembly in 2014. As we all know  yoga is an physical,mental and spiritual practice which originated in india. 

Yoga help us to maintain balance in life and in controlling the mind, body and soul and helps in achieving peace in life.

Yoga also play an important role in students life. Every students life go through ups and downs 
In today's world where there is alot of pressure of exams and career that leads  students to go in stress and depression.To over come from these problems yoga can easy help the students. There are many positive impact of yoga on the life of a student. Yoga helps in managing stress and anxiety and keep relaxing 
Yoga asanas build strength , flexibility and confident 
According to the study of International Journal of Yoga, it was found that scholastic performance was enhanced in students who frequently practice yoga as campare to those who do not.As academic or scholastic performance was described as the capacity to perform tasks and show capability in academic tests with standard reviwirev method.
By doing yoga for 10min before going to start studies, it will help in increasing body energy level and boost concantration. Yoga can also done by taking break in studies. Sitting for long hour in one place tighten the muscles that caused by stress,it can be relived though 2 minute yoga practice.
Yoga enhances the brain's capactic and improve intelligence quotient.
Many students have the problem of not able to focus on studies,this problem is also solve by yoga. Regular yoga practise help in boosting the focus level and lead to a disciple life. when a student studying and end up losing fucus he /she must get up and do 2 mintures of exercis it can be a normal wlak from study room to kitchen or can do some stretching.
According to the studies yoga practice has a positive effect on the brain and body. Yoga balance the blood pressure and keep heart rate normal when it goes on haywire mode under very pressure siuations like in exam hall.
Now days many student spend slots of time I front on computer and mobile screen to stuys that is leading to eye strain and headaches. Yoga allows you to take of you eyes and brain.

So to do more batter in life make  yoga part of the life  !!

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