Educationists call for cancellation of JEE and NEET

As the covid 19 cases increasing swiflys in india and everyone is under distress during this pandemic it effecting especially the students as many of education institutions are planning to have their regular exams.But how will be it possible ? How will they condect it ? And most important question what are the measures for student saftys? 

All over the country students are demanding for cancelling the exams this year.Apart from students,  educationists are also calling for scrapping of all india level entrance exams this year.

Dr.  R Murali,Tamil Nadu secretary said " everyone is under distress during this movie 19 pandemic and cases are only expected to increase in July and August. An examination for crores of students across the country would be higlhy impossible to be held safely At least for this one year, the exams must be scrapped for students sake. 

The main reason behind the scrapping exams said that studetst are facing mental pressures during this period.

They are proposing for an alternative assessment for admission to student.
It will me more better to consider scools borad exams marks than entrance exams.

On the other hand many of are saying that exams should not be cancle but just postponed it till the covid 19 situation is under control as many of students have prepared day and night for entrance exam plus many students do not done good in board exams.

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