5 Tips for Boosting Productivity

Twenty-four hours is often not enough time in the day to knock out everything that’s on your to-do list, especially when distractions are nearby. However, being productive is essential for success. This semester, significantly boost your productivity by keeping these simple tips in mind:

Avoid multitasking

Many people are under the impression that multitasking actually helps them get more things done faster. However, the opposite tends to be true. The American Psychological Association found that the brain isn’t designed for multitasking, especially when one of those tasks is complex. Instead, concentrate on one thing so it gets your full attention.


When you have a lot to do, exercise may not be your top priority. However, you may want to make some time for a quick workout. The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine has reported that exercise could actually help improve productivity. The good news is, you don’t need an hour workout in order to reap the benefits. Take a walk outside to get your blood pumping so you can come back to your to-do list with a fresh mind.


Before you jump into everything you have to do for the day, make a plan for yourself. What are you going to accomplish first? Do you want to knock out the easy stuff and leave the complex tasks for later? Or would you rather start on the harder to-dos? You may be less stressed about getting your work done when you have a game plan for exactly how you’re going to approach each assignment.

Think about your workspace

The place you sit down to get your work done can have a big effect on your productivity. For instance, you might have a desk at home, but if you live with someone, you could get distracted. Try working elsewhere, whether it’s putting in some headphones and studying at your favorite coffee shop or heading to the library where it’s nice and quiet.

Keep interruptions to a minimum

It’s going to be tough to avoid every single distraction that may arise during the day, but there are certain things you can do to keep them to a minimum. For instance, turn your phone on silent and put it away so you’re not getting interrupted by constant calls, texts and notifications. You may also be less tempted to pick it up if it’s not right next to you. Avoiding distractions could also be as simple as closing a door so people are less likely to stop and chat.

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  1. THANKU for this article, this is really helpful for increasing productivity while this lockdown.