3 Skills Business Students Should Know

Technology is ubiquitous in the business world, and it’s expected that new employees will be able to tackle certain computer-related tasks once they join the workforce.
Herzing University understands that need and includes technology as a major theme throughout most courses in the business program. One of the most important computer-related skills that students in all academic concentrations learn is proficiency in standard Microsoft Office applications. While similar applications may be used by other businesses (such as Google Docs or OpenOffice) Microsoft applications are still the de facto standard.
Let's take a look at each one of these applications, and the types of work that a new employee may be asked to do with them:
  • Microsoft Word is the standard for word processing tasks. Employers will expect new hires to be able to use the application to complete an existing template, such as reports and forms. Employees may also be expected to generate new documents based on the needs of the company, the field and their position. Some documents may be as simple as memos, while others may be as complex as research reports or marketing flyers.
  • Microsoft Excel is used to create spreadsheets that organize data so that it can be easily interpreted and analyzed. Students should know general spreadsheet formulas and functions and understand how Excel compiles and reports data. Business students should also be able to analyze data and present it in a fashion that is easy for others to understand. This can include statistical analysis and the creation of tables and charts.
  •  Microsoft PowerPoint is a slide show presentation program that is also often used in the business world. Students should be able to use PowerPoint in a professional setting and create slides that can explain concepts, ideas and data to others. They can use different formats, templates and layouts that make the information both engaging and easy to understand.
In addition to these general applications, students should familiarize themselves with the technical skills they will need for their desired career. For example, students interested in marketing should be able to analyze data in Excel, create memos relating to marketing efforts in Word and develop engaging presentations in PowerPoint. Other applications that might be relevant to a career in marketing include those used for web-based marketing, social media campaigns or evaluating the profitability of different marketing mix options.
A student who understands the value of technology in the business world is likely more qualified job candidate and a more effective worker. At Herzing University, we ensure that students are exposed to a wide variety of software applications so that they can hone their technical skills throughout their academic program.
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