3 Brain Training Apps to Try out Now

Just like you can train your body to get stronger, there are ways to give your brain even better capabilities. Working out at a gym allows you to tone your muscles and improve your cardiovascular stamina, while brain training apps can sharpen your brain, making it easier for you to focus and learn new skills.
It all comes back to the idea of neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to create new connections in response to certain circumstances or changes in your environment. Neuroplasticity helps you to retain memories, make fresh ones and even master unfamiliar skills.
Brain training apps use the process of neuroplasticity through games in an effort to help reshape the brain. According to Nadine Kaslow, Ph.D., professor and vice chair at Emory University’s Department of Psychiatry and President of the American Psychological Association, reports that apps can boost mental health through games that have been specifically designed to improve brain function. Next time you pick up your smartphone, consider downloading any of these three best brain training apps that will put your mind to the test:


This app is designed by a team of scientists and designers, and has more than 50 cognitive games that are tailored to different brain goals such as problem-solving, attention, processing speed and memory. Lumosity allows you to track your mental progress with each game and even compares your performance to the other 70 million people using the app. According to developers, just one session a day on the app may improve mental skills.


Just like Lumosity, this brain app offers more than 35 mini games that target skills such as focus, math, speaking abilities, comprehension and memory. However, the app is a bit more personalized than its competitors. Elevate keeps track of how many times you log-in regularly and even tweaks the games to become more challenging as your mind becomes sharper.

Fit Brains Trainer

The designers of this app were able to make brain training both fun and challenging through more than 60 games and in-depth performance reports so you can track your progress. Fit Brains Trainer works to target all areas of the brain, including concentration, language and visual-spatial, memory and speed of thinking. However, it also focuses on the development of other skills, including self-control and social awareness. This app will even send you training reminders so you can constantly stay mentally sharp.

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