We're Big Fans: World Sketchnote Day 2016

Source: Sketchnote Army
Sketchnoting plays an integral part in our curricula, and we incorporate them whenever we can to help learners connect to content. This personal form of note-taking allows students to use the visual thinking process to design information in real-time through words and images. So it is with great pleasure that we recognize the inaugural, kick-off event for World Sketchnote Day. Follow the day on Twitter using the hashtag #SNDay2016 to see some amazing examples.

We've been huge fans of the process and have witnessed its extraordinary appeal to our students. While we encourage them to use sketchnotes whenever they choose, we often hear cheers of delight when we make it an active part of a lesson.
Source: ASIDE 2016

Our students understand that the visual cues in the sketchnote process help them connect to the material and enhance their recall of the content. Visually engaging with the information broadens connections and opens up the design process to think about the relationships between text and image.

We've watched the evolution in how students use sketchnotes to visually organize their information and to create a structural framework for the content they are learning.

There are lots of resources available to educators, and one of the most comprehensive is Kathy Shrock's guide to using Sketchnoting In The Classroom.

For a quick reference to help our students, we developed the one-page cheat sheet in this post as a handy guide to keep in their binders. Click here to download the PDF.

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