The challenge for the moderate left.

It is important to expose the hate-America left and the academic post-modernists for the frauds and scoundrels they are. However, there are respectable men and women on the left who sincerely believe in a society based on civil and economic liberties but with modifications to provide for a series of welfare measures. There are also those across the political spectrum who have questions about the prudence of various aspects of our foreign policy. It’s important for these people to grasp the vast difference between themselves and the postmodern nihilists even in the middle of a campaign centering on a single political issue where there happens to be similarities in terms of concrete objectives. It is far more important to reaffirm the fundamental principles that make our country great than win a particular battle on a single issue – or get elected.
It is in the area of foreign policy where we see an artificial division created by the far left. The Democratic Party has become consumed with the nihilistic notion that we are a shameful country that brings pain and oppression to the world. No, some don’t realize how this poison is spreading through their party and often, by osmosis, inadvertently absorbed by people of good will. The moderate left must distance itself from the caustic nihilism of the far left regardless of any accidental agreement on specific issues. The hatred of the left-wing collectivists puts them on the side of the West’s enemies. The threat to our society by Islamic barbarianism is a threat to all of us. And we all realize how vastly different their values are from ours.
Going forward the moderate left is best advised to repudiate the far left just as the Democratic Party, in the last 1940s, condemned the communist influence in their ranks. Otherwise, the guilt by association is warranted. Ultimately, there is no excuse to be silent and sanction the treachery of the far left. Mr. Moore sitting with Jimmy Carter, in the guest of honor box in the Democratic convention, was noticed by everyone. The Democrats will have to quarantine and purge this cancer from their ranks if they are to become a partner and power in the war for civilization.

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